Streamline Your Tenant Application and Screening Process

What is a white label page?

Streamline tenant screening with a custom white label webpage. Just post a link to your website or share the link via email. Prospective tenants enter their own information, which means less work for you. The applications and tenant screening reports post to your account instantly and automatically!

How can I set up a white label page?

A white label web page can be set up in less than a day! Our ready-made pages involve no programming and it’s completely FREE.

If you’d like to get a white label page set up, register a free account and then email

View Sample White Label Page

How does it work?




Tenant clicks on the link we provide you and fills out an online rental application featuring your logo. The application and URL can be customized upon request.



The tenant can be billed for the report or we can invoice your account.



If you are underwritten, you’ll get an email notifying you that the tenant has completed the online application and report results are ready. If you are not underwritten, the tenant will go through one additional step requiring they verify their identity.