TenantAlert Express

TenantAlert Express

  • Access full tenant screening reports with minimal data entry. Our revolutionary TenantAlert Express is patent pending, requiring only the prospective tenant's Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

  • Immediate and instant access to criminal, eviction, sex offender, TeleCheck, and many other reports. No underwriting or documentation required!

  • Get underwritten and receive FREE CREDIT REPORTS with every tenant screening package!

TenantAlert Direct

TenantAlert Direct

  • Access full tenant screening reports with the tenant's cooperation. Just provide the tenant's name and email address, we'll take care of the rest!

  • Tenant screenings reports are unlocked immediately after the tenant provides authorization. No underwriting or documentation required!

  • You decide who pays! Provide payment now or we can request payment from your prospective tenant.

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    Monday June 22, 2015

    The real estate market is full of opportunity, presenting a countless number of prospects to be highly successful. However, being a successful landlord is not always an easy job. It requires careful planning and thought. Having a quality tenant screening process or having knowledge of rental history  is just the beginning of the long process. […]